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(25.6.21) ブラジル経済の失速と抗議デモの発生 中国頼み経済のもろさ Occurrence of protests and stall of the Brazilian economy. The exposure of weakness in the economy that is dependent on China















Occurrence of protests and stall of the Brazilian economy. The exposure of weakness in the economy that is dependent on China

Japanese usually do not show much interest for the Brazilian economy, but continued economic growth of four percent on average over the past decade. In particular, the growth rate of 2010 was 7.5%, Brazil has been considered a growth sector alongside China and India.

But economic growth of the Brazilian end, inflation began to lift the head now. Demonstration that was not extinct is, began to take place in opposition to the rise in utility bills.
Growth rate was 2.7% in the 2011, 2012 is 0.9%. Government outlook is optimistic even in fiscal 2013, but market expectations is the opposite.

Achilles heel of the Brazilian economy is a price increase. Rusefu President, was a top priority that you keep this price increase. As a result, the inflation rate was 9% units in 2009, down to every year, up 5.5 percent dropped in 2012. But prices began to lift the goose-neck again to enter in 2013. Now it is around 6%, but including utility bills, there is no shortage of price increase factor.

As Japan, from the economy such as those suffering from deflation, rising prices of Brazil is a dream come true.
However, this also what if the rise of economic growth under a accompanied by an increase in wages, only price increases may remain if the economy stall.

Why the biggest reason Brazilian economy is what was doing well,
Resource prices, which said iron ore and copper and oil, because increased significantly in the tremendous growth of the country.
But now that China's economic growth is over, the demand for these commodities began to decline rapidly.

Until a while ago, Rusefu president was repeatedly accused of saying, "developed countries continue from the monetary easing policy, prices of emerging rises" he said.
The Brazilian government, was taking measures to curb investment from overseas in that (make a 6% tax for buyers from overseas stocks and bonds) financial transaction tax two years ago. You come here, the government abolished the financial transaction tax.

After all, the Brazilian economy was also a growth of only a Chinese economy. But in a situation where China, has started the dumping of steel distressed excess steel production in particular, Brazil there will not be relying on China export so.
After the Lehman shock, even raw materials said oil and copper and iron ore was skyrocketing in the super fund mitigation, China since stalled, there is no choice but to turn to fall.

2010 was the peak of the Brazilian economy. Iron ore company of Brazil is super strong at that time, iron ore company was promoted in favor negotiations with Nippon Steel.
"If, I'll sell to China, It is good to not have to buy. Nippon Steel's"

Against a backdrop of strong economy, to conduct the development of infrastructure that was delayed, the President had spent the national budget to the improvement of social welfare.
Olympic and World Cup also succeeded in attracting all, it was said to the "century of Brazil," but growth relied on the Chinese economy began to slump to match the slowdown of the Chinese economy.


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